Cisco to report 28 percent sales growth turnaround

Cisco is expected to report a massive 28 percent increase in sales this Wednesday when its fiscal fourth-quarter results are released.

Those in the know reckon Cisco will report earnings of 42 cents per share, with a revenue of $10.9 billion, up from 31 cents per share and a revenue of $8.5 billion from last year.

These analyst expectations come despite a two percent drop in share value over the last three months due to economic uncertainty and fears for the technology industry. 

These worries seem to be abating, with more and more businesses starting to spend again to upgrade computers, operating systems, and other IT infrastructure, fuelling speculation that Cisco is set to win big time with its fiscal figures.

Analysts believe that Cisco’s primary areas of networking, enterprise, and services will all see significant growth and profit, primarily powered by a business turnaround. This may give some much-needed confidence to the technology sector to ensure other companies follow suit.

The recession may have bitten deeply, but in terms of market share and overall profit, it looks like  Cisco is going to sink its teeth in and bite back.