Cisco man promoted to security trade body, ICASI, president

A security consortium, the Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet, has named Cisco man Russell Smoak as its new president.

According to its own description, the consortium, or ICASI, provides a “unique forum of trust through which global companies can collaborate to actively address complex, multi-product security threats to better protect the critical IT infrastructures that support the world’s enterprises, governments, and citizens”. Still with us?

What ICASI basically does is share technology to cope with security threats and decides on best practices. Members include Cisco (surprise!), Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Juniper Networks and Amazon.

At Cisco, Smoak is director of security research and operations, including looking after vulnerabilities and intrusion prevention, along with security research.

The last head honcho was Linda Betz, who has moved on to pastures new. IBM’s replacement on the board of directors is Alan Mitchell, of the computer security incident response team.

Right now, ICASI is working on a couple of projects. One is the Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework, or CVRF, which you can read all about here