Cisco falls out of love with HP

The marriage of commercial convenience between industry giants HP and Cisco has come to an end.

Yesterday, Keith Goodwin, a senior VP of Cisco’s channel group, said that it has given notice to HP that from April 30th this year, it would not renew its system integrator contract with Hewlett Packard.

That means HP won’t be a Cisco Certified Channel or Global Service Alliance partner. The move underlines increasing competition between the two competitions, with Cisco selling servers and HP owning 3Com.

Goodwin said: “We will compete with HP for future business”. But Cisco is not going to hack off current customers that deal with both customers. Goodwin said: “Over the last few years our relationship with HP has evolved from a partner to companies with different and conflicting visions of how to deliver value to customers.”

Cisco will honour customer service contracts with HP for as long as they last.