Church of England attacks News Corp over BSkyB bid

A fight of truly epic proportions erupted today as the forces of… something or other gather to stop the takeover of the British media from Rupert Murdoch.

The Church of England is the latest in a line of organisations that is making a stand for the sacred values of impartiality and objectivity that are fast ebbing away, while Rupert Murdoch risks the wrath of the Almighty by aiming to unite the country’s media under his rule. 

Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester, a media spokesperson for the CoE, denounced the behaviour of News Corp, claiming that a takeover would mean a serious conflict of interests amongst news suppliers in the UK.

“A News Corporation in full control of BSkyB would combine one of the three significant suppliers of TV news (BBC, ITN and BSkyB), one of the two suppliers of radio news (BBC, BSkyB) and the group with the biggest market share of national press in the UK. It would dominate both the television and newspaper landscape,” said McCulloch.

The statement follows an outcry from a number of organisations, with the BBC, British Telecom and newspapers signing a letter to the Business Secretary, arch-angel Cable, in the hope that he may yet smite down the denizens of News Corp before it is too late.

“Many critics of the bid have highlighted the potential dangers to the integrity of Sky News,” added McCulloch. “If BSkyB comes under the full control of News Corporation…the fear is that even though Sky News would still have to abide by requirements for due impartiality, there would always be the potential for the exercise of subtle editorial influence, not least in the process of selecting which news items are to be covered and which left out.”

“In the case, therefore, that the bid is allowed, the public have a right to expect, at the very minimum, an assurance that the independence and editorial integrity of Sky News will be preserved.”

Murdoch continued in his indomitable march to world domination today with the announcement that he will be joining forces with Apple man Steve Jobs to produce an iPad dedicated newspaper, probably called the Daily.