Chromebook sales set to soar

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesWho needs a Windows notebook? That must be a question that is rattling Microsoft as it gears up to the introduction of Windows 10.

And a report from Gartner underlines that uncomfortable fact for Microsoft, because it seems that worldwide Chromebook sales will hit 7.3 million units this year.

While education is the main market for Chromebooks and accounted for 72 percent of sales in 2014, it looks like other people are voting with their wallets.

While Isabelle Durand, a principal analyst at Gartner, said sals of Chromebooks are low, although small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are buying the kit, it’s likely that enterprises will prick up their ears in the future.

Durand said that Google is looking hard at the business segment, particularly with its Chromebook for Work office applications.

Durand said: “Chromebooks will become a valid device choice for employees as enterprises seek to provide simple, secure, low cost and easy to manage access to new web applications and legacy systems, unless a specific application forces a Windows decision.”

She said most Chromebook people are “tech savvy” and they buy one as a companion device to their existing PC. But, increasingly, people are buying Chromebooks as a low cost PC alternative.

She said that most Chromebooks were sold in the USA last year – an 84 percent share.

Vendors doing well are Acer, and Samsung was in second place. HP, a late entrant, is in number three position.