Choi Gee-sung vows to put reform first at Samsung

The newly appointed head of the corporate strategy office at Samsung has vowed to put reform first.

Choi Gee-sung, who has taken the second highest position at the company, showed Samsung employees that he was keen to change the corporate environment by using his worker pass to get through the gates at the headquarters of the company.

This was rather than opting for the executive door, which had to be disabled by security guards and is the entrance head honchos traditionally used.

According to the Korea Joongang Daily, his actions showed his willingness to break away from the strict top-down mentality and push forward with a wide-scale reform, which is what Samsung has asked him to do. We’d suggest taking a different entrance is pushing that statement a little.

The move follows the 19-year anniversary of the day Chairman Lee ordered the entire staff to “change everything except for wives and children”, pronouncing thorough reform.

Gee-sung is no stranger to the company, having worked there for 30 years and growing close to and becoming a mentor to Lee’s son Jae-yong.

He was formerly vice chairman and CEO of Samsung. Although he will continue to keep his job title as vice chairman, another vice chairman, Kwon Oh-hyun, will replace him as CEO.