Chipzilla’s Altera on-again off-again relationship is on

friendsThe on again off again relationship between Intel and Altera is on again and the couple are serious about a marriage, apparently.

The Hollywood gossip mags have confirmed that Intel and Altera have been seeing each other and this time Intel is determined to buy.

The deal is set to be about $15 billion, at least according to the New York Post. It is expected that an announcement of a merger might even be as soon as today.

Altera sources have confirmed that a deal is close but warned that the talks could still fall apart.

If Altera does not agree then Intel might actually mount a hostile takeover. Chipzilla signed a standstill agreement earlier this year with Altera that expires on June 1, giving the world’s largest chipmaker the option to launch a hostile bid after that.

What might have changed is an increased awareness that the Avago purchase of Broadcom was going to go ahead. That deal signalled a period of consolidation in the industry as more Internet of Stuff products are demanded.