Chinese students forced into working for Foxconn

Chinese newspaper China Daily reports 100,000 pupils visiting vocational schools in the province of Henan are being forced to work at Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant.

Pupils were informed on the 17th of June that they had to pack their bags to head up north in nine days, by command of the provincial government. Should they not follow orders, they would be kicked out of school – so kids training to be locksmiths are being forced to work for Foxconn.

Unnamed sources told the newspaper it was a spiffing idea to force pupils to work for Foxconn, as it would kickstart employment in Henan province. On top of it all, a civil servant added the provincial disgovernment gave “internal orders” stating towns had to send off 100 people aged 18 to 45 to Foxconn. 

A further source said 300,000 people are supposed to travel from Henan province to Foxconn’s plant in Shenzen. The new employees will then be hauled back again to Henan, as soon as Foxconn is done constructing its new plant down inland, away from the prying eyes of the press so no one can write nasty things about workers committing suicide after being exploited by the Taiwanese OEM.

Sadly, no one revealed if provincial disgovernment officials received tax-free economic incentives in return for their industry-friendly policies.

Due to historical developments, forced labour is not allowed in the West and the idea is that schools have pupils who are free to choose where to work. Though with the current climate that may be a bit of a pipe dream.

While there are plenty boycotting BP, and rightly so, there doesn’t seem to be similar feelings toward devices with devices from Foxconn clients such as Apple, HPDellMicrosoft, Nintendo, Sony, Motorola and Nokia.

Foxconn recently announced that it has plans to build a new factory in Henan Province