Chinese censors make console sales tricky

ChinaChina’s strict censorship rules are stuffing up Sony’s chances of flogging too many of its  PlayStation 4 consoles..

China lifted a ban on foreign gaming consoles last year, but the head of Sony’s gaming division Andrew House some of the rules made entry into the market difficult.

“We are still challenged somewhat with a censorship regime that we have to work with. This can be time-consuming,” he said.

Sony started selling PlayStation 4 consoles in China in March, hoping to capitaliise on the end of the 14-year ban. But Beijing’s tough censorship rules have limited the number of gaming titles.

House said he still saw “tremendous potential for gaming as an entertainment medium in China” but there had been no rocketship start.

Sony is slashing PlayStation 4 prices in Asia in an effort to boost sales.

PlayStation, along with camera sensors, have helped to offset a slump in sales of Sony’s traditional consumer electronics such as smartphones and TVs. The company expects operating profit to more than quadruple this fiscal year.

Sony has sold about 25 million PlayStation 4 game consoles since its late 2013 launch, almost double the sales of Microsoft Corp’s XBox One, according to market research firm VGChartz.