China's ZTE opens infrastructure testing in London

Chinese ZTE is one of the most fascinating companies doing the rounds right now, and it is moving in next to major internet hubs for the United Kingdom, the telehouses hosted in London’s Docklands. 

Its innovation centre has opened, which is a network and development project – the first of 10 it plans to open around the world. It will sit next to a QiComm data centre. The plan is for ZTE to test its infrastructure live for both wired and wireless networks. It will be housed in Greenwich View, just down the road from the heart of the UK’s financial sector. 

MD of ZTE UK, Jim Jing Hui, said in a statement: “ZTE is now a force to be reckoned with in the UK telecoms infrastructure market.” Indeed, it wants its paws in every other pie too, from consumer electronics all the way back up to infrastructure. And it’s succeeding. 

Although ZTE claims it will be helping the UK boost its infrastructure, there may be other concerns.

Rival Huawei was recently turned down for offering wireless networks on the London Underground in time for the Olympic Games. Security reasons weren’t made public, but industry watchers noted that a company entrenched with the Bank of China and the Chinese military operating a huge network essential to business and close to government should have raised eyebrows.

High level government security breaches often see the finger pointed squarely at China, while Lawmakers in the United States have voiced similar worries about ZTE’s ties at home. A source close to the Ministry of Defence in the UK told us last year that blocking malicious IP addresses from China would significantly lower the amount of attacks on UK IT systems, until they found another way around. 

Along with Huawei, ZTE is busy reassuring the world and its dog that it has nothing to worry about.

Both are already rolling out infrastructure worldwide, not just in the APAC region but across Europe and, they hope, the America too.

Soon enough relatively cheap technology from China will be powering the world.