China looking to outsource to the US

US local governments are providing sweeteners to Chinese companies in the hope they will set up shop.

Yahoo news said the free market was not providing places like Alabama with jobs and the region has a high unemployment rate.

But the region is finding investors from the Communist Henan Province in China.

Henan’s Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group opened a plant in Alabama last month and the trend is being noticed across the US.

Chinese companies invested a record $14 billion in the United States last year, according to the Rhodium Group research firm. Collectively, they employ more than 70,000 Americans.

Chinese workers are getting more expensive and US energy prices are falling. Mayors and economic development officials are lining up to welcome Chinese investors when a decade or two ago they would have called them Commie infiltrators.

It is in the more conservative Southern states, where obsession with the Bible, women’s wombs and blocking health care has meant a higher number of people on welfare has been at the forefront of attracting the Chinese.

To be fair the US has some advantages of cheaper Chinese plants. Besides access to cheap Mexican labour, firms who set up there can save a fortune on transport costs.