Channel is in meltdown

An analyst from Forrester Research, talking in the caverns of the Grimaldi Forum at a conference here in Monaco, told us why British software giant Autonomy is offering an iPad to people that apply for a job.

Peter O’Neill, at Forrester, said that the reason Autonomy was taking this unusual route was because it was so hard to hire good people.

He also said in his keynoting speech at Distree that resellers and distributors were beginning to do really odd things – such as hire application developers and move towards the cloud.

The companies all had to change. Distributors have to change or die because the tech industry is “overrun” with them. Distributors have to expand business to a “cloudy” market, said O’Neill.

Vendors need to make distributors the new communications route to resellers. Vendors need to outsource marketing, sales and business model training to distributors. Bet the vendors don’t care much for that.

Resellers are becoming picky and choosy and if they want to change their business models, they’ll want to work with disties that help and support them.

We suspect by now the HR department at Autonomy is being deluged with job applications from people that want their iPads…