Censorship king is sexist pig

For a while we have been scratching our heads wondering why Australia is so desperate to become the most censored country in the Western World.

Now it turns out that it was as simple as the the fact that Prime Minister Keven Rudd is just a bit backward and wants to drag the country kicking and screaming to the 19th century.

Rudd was giving the keynote address where he talked about the ”crisis” of Australia’s ageing population and the various economic challenges we will face as a result.

After the chat Rudd was introduced to a hack –  Nina Funnell – and was told that she was currently completing a PhD.

At this, Rudd rolled his eyes and in a terse voice lacking any sense of irony remarked that is the “excuse” that “all” young women are using nowadays to avoid starting families.

This finally explains the current Australian fascination with Internet censorship. Apparently the sole function of women in Rudd’s world are to be baby incubators who procreate for the benefit of the nation while men get on with the real work.

For a PM to say nonsense like that publicly shows the consciousness of a bloke who is still locked in the 1960’s before anyone felt the need to burn bras and women were good Shelias who did what they were told.

It is a world thankfully long past. But it is also a world which was characterised by government controls and censorship. There was a belief that everything could be taken care off by elitest bureaucrats and politicians who could keep the world safe for decent people.

It was a hang-over from the days of fascism and communism where autocratic controls, similar to religious controls, were considered needed to preserve a way of life.

But humanity passed all this in the 1960’s liberalism that bought the potential of equality as a goal worth having.

Rudd’s government, with its plans to censor the internet, are an attempt to stuff that genie back into the bottle and return to a world of controls where the government decides everything for you.

Already we are seeing the daftness of such censorship. Rudd has been leaning on YouTube so that adopts Australia’s censorship plan. This currently excludes the showing of pictures of women with small breasts.

The claim is that women with small breasts get paedophiles excited. In fact it is clear that Rudd thinks that women with small breasts are not capable of being the motherly baby factories that his appeal to “normality” requires.

Women should have large breasts and poorly educated to fit into Rudd’s universe.

While the Rudd government might succeed in winning the next election and his bizarre internet censorship experiment go through, it is unlikely that it will have much of a global impact.

Other government’s are watching Australia to see if they are going to get away with it. However other countries are facing problems that will not be solved by censorship. In Blighty few people trust politicians to fill in their expenses claims and they are certainly not going to let them decide what issues they are going to allow to appear in their browsers.

Eventually Rudd’s government will go down in history as the last stand for the “fair dinkum Aussie bloke” which was bought down by its inability to see the changing world.