Carly Fiorina might get intelligence

CarlyPresident-elect Donald “Prince of Orange” Trump might be set to ask former HP supremo Carly Fiorina to take on the job as the US’s top spook.

The news comes from the New York Times which got it from its deep throats in the Trump transition team.

The move is unexpected as not only does Fiorina have a pussy to grab but she also said some rather nasty things about Trump during the primary debates.

In her days at HP, executives were terrified as corporate axemen ruled the building downsizing what had been a hugely successful business empire. This effort doubled when Fiorina spent a fortune buying one of the world’s largest PC makers, Compaq which needed to be integrated into HP’s empire.

If there are any obvious parallels between HP and politics it could be a rather bloody time for the intelligence community. However, rumours like this have been played out by the Trump transition committee for a while now so it might never happen.