Capgemini buys Artesys and Avantias for some millions

Huge services company Capgemini has bought two dull-as-dishwater French companies, probably before the rival En Francais, Atos Origin, got the chance.

The companies, Artesys and Avantias, will complement Capgemini’s Infrastructure Transformation Services, which deals with helping the public and private sector streamline costs through adoption of the cloud. The market for infrastructure services in France is high in the billions with a growth penned in for five percent from 2010 to 2014.

They will also help with Business Information Management, BIM not IBM, which in marketing bullshit terms is “to manage and optimise the information assets of organisations [sic] to help them achieve their strategic objectives.” Basically looking at data and beancounting.

Artesys is all about Clown Computing, so the acquisition will see Capgemini wedge its foot firmly in the door of infrastructure, while Avantias is in the thrilling business of documentary management and editing. Information analysis and looking at data.

Both companies will be taken over by Capgemini completely. The combined total of the acquisition is €40 million or about $56.65 million.

It certainly has some money to spend after its recent long-term contract wins with EDF and with BAA.