Canonical will not moan to EU about Microsoft

The maker of consumer Linux to the great unwashed, Canonical, has said that it is not going to follow Opera’s lead and moan about Microsoft to the EU.

Canonical, which is preparing to make Ubuntu 10.10 available for download this Sunday, is having a rough time of it with a lot of vendors switching to Windows 7.

Steve George, vice president of business development at Canonical, told PC Pro that there was no doubt Microsoft was dominant in the industry and has much more marketing muscle than we do.

However, he said that he would not be complaining about anti-competitive behaviour to the EU – a move which saw Microsoft forced to offer rival browsers to Windows users across Europe.

George claims that the “way forward” is to make improvements to Ubuntu and get a bigger user base.

Ubuntu has been going through some major changes lately. Version 10.10 is a minor update compared to the major (long-term support) 10.04 release of six months ago.

There is a revamp of the interface for the netbook edition, called Unity. The user experience on a netbook is different to that of a general desktop,

George said that if punters are using specific apps a lot, Unity will show you the common apps. So a bit like Windows 7 then.

There are improvements to the sync tool and Ubuntu Software Centre. Ubuntu provides a subscription music synchronisation service that allows users to stream their music collection to their smartphone as well as paid for software.