Cameron’s censorship system kills off legitimate businesses

David-Cameron-at-the-EU-s-007British Prime Minster David “one is an ordinary bloke” Cameron’s censorship of the internet campaign is killing off legitimate businesses.

Cameron favoured internet censorship to protect “the children” from the perils of the internet, when they should be more worried about being left in pubs by their parents. He was also “lobbied” by high profile people in the movie industry to protect them from privacy.

However the blockade of the Pirate Bay by UK ISPs is causing trouble for CloudFlare. This is because one of a Pirate Bay proxy is hosted behind the same IP-addresses as a proxy site called

In addition to blocking domain names, Sky also blocks IP-addresses. This allows the site to stop https connections to The Pirate Bay and its proxies, but when IP-addresses are shared with random other sites they’re blocked too.

CDN service CloudFlare, has found itself on the UK blocklist and any of its legitimate clients are blocked.

CloudFlare asked the proxy site to resolve the matter with Sky, or else it would remove the site from the network after 24 hours.

“If this issue does not get resolved with SkyB though we will need to route your domain off CloudFlare’s network as it is currently impacting other CloudFlare customers due to these blocked IP addresses.”

The operator of the “Rainbows” TPB proxy was surprised by Sky’s overbroad blocking techniques, but also by CloudFlare’s response. Would CloudFlare also kick out sites that are blocked in other countries where censorship is common?

This is not the first time that CloudFlare customers have been blocked by mistake. Earlier this year the same thing happened to sites that shared an IP-address with The Pirate Bay.

What is weird about the whole situation is that website blocking is not changing anything as pirates are getting around all the blocks. All that is happening is more real businesses are getting hit as collateral damage.