Cameron started his purge on the net today

Because parents do not monitor their children’s internet porn habits, Prime minster David Cameron has started censoring the internet for the whole of the country.

This morning, millions of BT customers woke up to an internet censored from all those things that Cameron does not like – well almost. BT said it now has the filter working.

New customers will have to make a choice on whether or not to activate the parental controls when setting up their internet connection for the first time. Of course, it will mean that you will have to explain why you are opting out to BT and there is a good probability that your IP address will be flagged to be closely watched by GCHQ.

Existing BT customers will be contacted during the course of 2014, and asked if they want to activate the controls and have a government department decide what they can access.

Those who opt to switch on the parental controls will have to choose between three set filter levels – strict, moderate and light. All three filters cover pornography, ‘obscene and tasteless’ content, and hate and self-harm, drugs, alcohol and tobacco and dating sites.

Moderate and strict also block sites featuring nudity, weapons and violence, gambling and social networking; strict also blocks fashion and beauty sites, file-sharing, games and media streaming. Additional websites can be added to the list manually to be allowed or blocked.

To complicate things more, the  filter can be turned off at specific times, for example to act as a “watershed”, and it can also be set to an additional level during “homework time”, for extra peace of mind when children are doing their homework.

Pete Oliver, MD consumer commercial marketing and digital at BT said in a statement that BT takes the question of online child protection extremely seriously and he is  very pleased to be able to launch the whole home filter to help parents keep their families safe online.

A recent report by Ofcom revealed that only 43 percent of parents with children aged five to 15 have any filters in place on the family PC or laptop, with 13 percent admitting they either do not know how to install controls or did not know it was possible.  Cameron’s answer is because the guys either do not want to, or cannot install basic software then those who do not have kids will have to suffer. 

Cameron knows all about looking after children. He famously abandoned his kid in a pub when he went out to dinner with his missus. What a pity there is not a way of outsourcing that responsibly too.  Oh, yeah that is called a public education system and Cameron does not want to put taxpayer money into that.