Cameron pledges to spy on everything

David Cameron, July 2015British Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured) is utterly convinced that the good people of Britain want every aspect of their internet use monitored by his secret service spooks.

Cameron has a point, if they didn’t want the idea then why did they vote for him when he did say he had such a crazy plan before the election.

Cameron is to remove all “safe spaces” on the Internet, apparently for terrorists to communicate with each other.  This means removing British people’s right to use encryption

Replying in the House of Commons to a question from the Conservative MP David Bellingham, who asked him whether he agreed that the “time has come for companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to accept and understand that their current privacy policies are completely unsustainable?”

Cameron replied: “We must look at all the new media being produced and ensure that, in every case, we are able, in extremis and on the signature of a warrant, to get to the bottom of what is going on.”

Of course this move is causing some problems for British business who really do not want Cameron reading their emails or forcing them to give the government cryptographic backdoors.  Some apparently are thinking of leaving the country altogether out of a fear that they will be handing over technology secrets to MI6.

To be fair, Cameron insists that Britain is not a state that is trying to search through everybody’s emails and invade their privacy, although so far he has shown that with its chums in the NSA that is exactly what he has been wanting to do.

The key issue is now whether the proposals will be realistic about what can and can’t be done when dealing with modern encrypted communications.  Our belief is that if Cameron wants to keep businesses on side, then this is something which will be mysteriously dropped or replaced with a licencing programme which will allow encryption for registered companies which pass a security screening and can make guarantees that their encryption keys do not fall into the wrong hands.  This is of course incredibly socialist of Cameron.

* Yesterday it was revealed that GCHQ had been spying on Amnesty International, an allegation that had been denied.