Call centres trade Mumbai for Burnley

As Britain enjoys its transition below the poverty line, big business which relies on call centre, white collar sweatshops to prop up support are realising the UK is cheaper than India.

Unpopular financial ogre Santander has figured out that India is an increasingly expensive place to spend dosh. While the official reason for moving centres back into the UK is because of complaints about services, another motivation is likely to be the nature of outsourcing itself.

Countries, particularly in emerging markets, don’t remain emerging forever. As David Cameron demonstrated by a trade-focused visit to India last year, Britain needs Mother India more than Mother India needs Britain.

Of course, any change will be gradual. Frustrated BT customers will be talking to Ramesh nee Bruce for a time to come.

Our Auntie talked to a call centre company called New Call Telecom, which traded in its chips in Britain to re-settle in Mumbai three years ago.

Then it noticed the numbers on its accounts were totting up in the high figures and decided to shift back to a distinctly less exotic non-emerging market in Burnley.