Buyout firms swarm around HPE

Piranha-3dBuyout firms are swarming around HPE like pirhana as the outfit considers  divesting assets worth between $6 billion and $8 billion, rather than the entire company.

Named in the swarm are KKR & Co LP, Apollo Global Management and Carlyle Group who have been sniffing around HPE’s rear entrances waiting to pounce the moment some asset breaks from the school. This is instead of a buyout worth more than $40 billion, although that might still happen.

HPE declined to comment, while KKR, Apollo and Carlyle are not saying anything so this is all a rumour.  But if HPE guts itself and its other half is killed off by the downturn in PC sales, it could be that the once proud maker of printer ink is heading for the knacker’s yard after a slow death of 17 years.  That is, if you consider the reign of the winsome Carly Fiorina, the beginning of the end.