Business misses the mark on Windows Server 2003

Twilight of the Gods, Arthur Packham - Wikimedia CommonsToday marks three months until Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003.

And just like Windows XP, lots of businesses are unprepared for the mess they might get into if they fail to upgrade.

Camwood is understandably interested in the end of Windows Server 2003 because it runs an OS migration service.

But the facts and figures it mentions are chilling enough. According to Camwood, 400,000 UK firms are still using the OS – even though Microsoft has made it clear that under no circumstances will it etend the deadline.

Camwood said that HP figures show that 11 million machines worldwide are running the soon-to-be extinct OS.

CEO Adrian Foxall, from Camwood, said businesses are “woefully unprepared” for the deadline.

“If businesses fail to make the switch in time, they will be faced with a choice between costly custom service contracts, or leaving their organisations open to a whole host of compliance breaches,” he said.