Building to boost internet of things market

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford - pic Mike MageeBy 2020 over eight million building management systems (BMS) will be integrated with internet of things applications or services. But vendors of commercial BMSs need to be aware of both threats and promises the technology poses.

That’s according to a report from ABI Research, which said there are opportunities for vendors to integrate traditional monolithic systems to a bigger and integrated sensing and control network.

And it appeals for open BMS connectivity to third party applications, which will mean the management systems can be aware of external events including variable energy pricing, weather conditions, space allocation and building occupancy.

Dan Shey, practice director at ABI Research, said it is applications and services that will deliver most of the value from internet of things integrated BMSs of the future.

Nevertheless, there’s going to be a more complicated and cometitive environment, with competition coming from SaaS energy management vendors, and even PC energy managers in the future.