BT told off by ASA for misleading ad

BT is in hot water with the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority [ASA] over an advert that made misleading claims about the speed of its fibre optic broadband.

The company’s ad claimed that BT Infinity was eight times faster than the UK average. It showed two students helping a housemate get a date by using BT Infinity broadband to upload a photo and buy concert tickets.

The advert attracted a few complaints. The first was that the data used in the ad wasn’t based on the latest Ofcom figures and was misleading as a result.

BT said that when the ad was produced the claims “were based on the most up-to-date report”.

Another four complainants challenged the speed of the photo upload that takes place, as well as saying the rapid speed at which the ticket purchase is completed was impossible.

BT defended itself by claiming it’s possible to upload a picture that fast.

However, the ASA didn’t agree and stated that BT hadn’t informed its consumers the data was out of date and they had been misled as a result.

BT Infinity claims to deliver download speeds of up to 76mbps and upload speeds of 19mbps, depending on the level of package chosen.

The ASA did focus on the download speed, when the advert was really demonstrating the much better upload speeds of the service.

Still, the ruling means that this cringe inducing advert has been pulled and cannot be shown without actually stating the truth.