BT shovels dial-up off to Plusnet subsidiary

BT officially killed off its dial-up internet connection service yesterday and officially put the technology in the historical dustbin.

However, what it is really doing is transferring those who can’t get broadband to modem-based access with Sheffield based ISP Plusnet. Plusnet is actually a BT subsidiary which is supposed to look like a different provider.

According to the Economic Times, BT claimed that the service had to be axed because too few are currently using it. This isn’t because it wasn’t worthwhile from a business perspective – BT’s dial-up service cost £17.25 per month. You can get a basic broadband service for roughly £10.

Plusnet will have some customers from the banking sector, notably with chip-and-PIN machines and third-party ATMs.

BT is promising that after the Plusnet move things will be cheaper by £2.26 per month.

BT doesn’t seem to really believe there are customers who cannot get its broadband. It is insisting that most of the people on dial-up are there by choice and not because they can’t get broadband services.

In a statement, BT said it estimates only one thousand of the current customers will be unable to access broadband following the change, but they will continue to have dial up access via Plusnet should they choose to, for a cheaper price.