British firm ARM to startup new company

ARM president Tudor Brown confirmed to TechEye tonight that the firm will launch an independent company tomorrow as a spin off of its existing business.

Tudor Brown, the president of the company, said that the announcement will come at 11:30AM tomorrow, Taiwanese time.

Although he was reluctant to give details of the new company, he told TechEye that an R&D center in Old Taipei was a sine qua non.

ARM is “agnostic” about software that runs on its systems but Brown claimed that if you considered the number of design wins it had made, it is a bigger company than Intel.

Software is very important to ARM, he said tonight. He took time to praise Microsoft too.

Microsoft, he said, with its Windows Mobile 7 software, and other work it was doing, would supply the legacy support that its slim clients needed.

He also said that it was way too early to do down Microsoft’s initiatives. Although he insisted that ARM is operating system agnostic, and worked with all OSes, he refused to be drawn on whether one was better than the other.

Brown also detailed the ascent of ARM and spoke volubly about e-readers and the like. He said that when the Newton flopped in 1992, Apple came to the rescue of the company.

He was eloquent about Apple. He said that there was no conceivable reason why Apple should not become more interested in semiconductor designs.

On reflection, we have to agree with Brown. Given the past history of Acorn, which certainly had inventive technology, why should there be any conceivable reason why Steve Jobs’ company shouldn’t do it?

Although Intel and AMD will certainly have reasons to differ from that view. Brown would not comment on ARM’s current relationship with Apple.

ARM has relationships with over 670 worldwide companies, including Intel and AMD, both of which have taken out licenses.