Britain is a nation of politically confused piles sufferers

Google’s Zeitgeist lists are out and the top searches, at least in the UK, paint a bizarre picture of the questions and queries of the modern Brit.

The fastest rising search for 2011 was “Royal wedding” followed by a mixture of electronic goods and middle-of-the-road music. Apple products rated highly, with iPhone 5 the second fastest rising search term in 2011. Then there was Fifa 12, Groupon, iPad 2, the late Jackass star Ryan Dunn, Adele, Minecraft, Rebecca Black and Ed Sheeran. 

Google revealed that the ‘Yes to AV’ campaign was a total failure – and the ‘No to AV’ campaign wasn’t much help either. A more accurate statement to represent the British public’s stance is “what is AV” – as it topped the “what is…” search list. Another surprise hit on the what is list revealed the UK’s confusion about unpleasant symptoms, with “what are piles” coming in at number four. 

But it’s no surprise the country couldn’t grasp a complicated voting alternative – as the top two searches for “how to” were “how to revise” and “how to snog”.

The fastest rising people – sometimes from the dead – of 2011 reads like the world’s worst dinner party. There are three corpses at the table. In order: Ryan Dunn, Adele, Rebecca Black, Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Charlie Sheen, Steve Jobs, Kate Middleton, Nicki Minaj and Darren Criss. 

In the top food and drink section, Asda got the number one spot, indicating the UK’s fondness for oven chips over actually cooking – recipes came in at number two. At the rear was that famous restaurant and grocers, Argos.

Mainly, Google is using Zeitgeist to promote its Facebook runner-up, Google +. The top search in the UK overall was ‘Facebook’, but Google’s Zeitgeist page says G+ was a rising star in search. Even Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has an account.