Brin: I am too weird for Google+

Google co-founder Sergey Brin said that it was probably a silly move for him to have worked on the social notworking arm Google+.

Speaking at Recode’s Code Conference Brin said he’s “not a very social person” and does not like people much.

According to the Verge,  Brin called himself “kind of a weirdo” and said that he only used Google+ to post pictures of his kids to his family. He now thinks that any previous professional focus on the social network was misguided.

“It was probably a mistake,” he said, “for me to be working on anything tangentially related to social to begin with.”

Brin is now happily working on his company’s semi-secret skunkworks group, Google X. Google X is working on a range of projects, including a contact lens that measures glucose, in addition to augmented reality wearable device Google Glass. The good part about this is that since it is secret, Brin does not have to talk to many people about it.

He did show off the lab’s latest creation at the conference a self-driving car that navigates without a steering wheel, but that is about all the human contact he needs for a year or so.