Brian Krzanich likely to be Intel Otellini replacement

Intel Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini appears to have received a mess of pottage from Chief Operating Officer Brian Krzanich and given him his blessing as his heir.

Otellini said Chipzilla will continue a tradition of filling the top position from within its own ranks.

Talking to Bloomberg  from the company’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Otellini talked about his possible successors.

Otellini, 61, as well as his two predecessors, Craig Barrett and Andy Grove, was chief operating officer before taking on the CEO role at Intel.

Otellini said his job is to groom a number of candidates for the board to choose from. It would seem that he has been picking fleas from the coat of Krzanich although he did not mention him by name.

He said that it made a lot of sense for most companies, particularly given the track record in the Valley lately, to hire leaders within the company.