Bookmaker is sure that Apple will thwack Samsung, Google

You can always trust a turf accountant because a bookie’s interest is in making as much money as possible.

And Paddy Power thinks the introduction of the Samsung Wave won’t make the slightest difference to market share – Google Nexus One and the Alpha iPhone this year will hit the Samsung Wave for six.

How come Paddy Power knows more than the multitude of analysts who pick their teeth all the time over which “platform” will succeed?

Because a bookmaker really, really understands money.

Here are the prices Paddy Power is offering on the “most global sales 2010”.

At 4/6 the Apple iPhone, at 3/1 the Google Nexus One, at 4/1 the Samsung Wave and at 8/1 the Motorola Quench. Paddy Power will welcome your contribution to its corporate coffers.

It’s a four horse race, and it’s on the flat so the best nag definitely will win.

Paddy Power said “From what I’ve seen the Samsung Wave looks like a very sexy device and I’d give it a sporting chance of outselling the Nexus One but my money is on the iPhone to easily outsell both devices this year”

Paddy Power is listed on LSE and and the Irish bourse.  It can’t lose, it’s hedged its bets.