Bookies take bets on Apple tablet's name

A bookmaker these days will take bets on practically anything, so it’s no surprise that British turf accountant Paddy Power has opened a book on what Apple‘s tablet is to be called.

Steve JobsAccording to the blurb: “Everybody is eagerly anticipating Apple’s new creation – and while there seems to be a question mark over its name, it could also be a clever ploy by Apple to get people talking ahead of next week.”

Well, we don’t know if everyone is eagerly awaiting the no doubt rather expensive slab of tin that Apple will reveal next week.

But we’re sure the bookies at Paddy Power are eagerly awaiting you dipping into your pocket and betting on the result.

Here are the odds on names that the bookie has conjured out of thin air.

4/5 iSlate
7/4 iPad
6/1 Tablet
8/1 iPage
9/1 iPaper
12/1 iRead
16/1 iProd
20/1 iCan
20/1 iBoard
25/1 iCon
33/1 Magic Slate
50/1 The Apple Core
100/1 The Googlebuster
100/1 The Microsoftener
100/1 The Apple Peeler
200/1 iCan’t believe it’s not a paper
500/1 Etch-a-Sketch

Any Apple executives in the know could probably make a fortune given the odds, by betting on a sure certainty.