IBM carries on clouding

ItaliaThe push by IBM to be the predominant company in the cloud space has taken yet another turn.

It said today it has opened its first cloud data centre in Italy, based near Milan.

IBM said the cloud centre uses a SoftLayer infrastructure and is aimed at providing Italian businesses to store data and run workloads.

The cloud computing market saw a 31 percent growth in 2014 and is worth over $1.33 billion, Big Blue said, quoting figures from the Polytechnic University of Milan.

IBM now has cloud data centres in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The company claims that connections to SoftLayer services within Europe are now less than 30 milliseconds which is fast enough for real time bidding, and big data and analytic applications.

The cloud centre has room for up to 11,000 servers, a power rating of 2.8 megawatts and enough room for a mass of storage.

IBM Cloud centres now number over 40 worldwide.