Blackberry’s Heins booted from another outfit

MTIyMjk0NDQ1MTMwNDE2NzQyThe bloke who contributed to the fall of Blackberry CEO Thorsten “beans make” Heins is still not finding much luck with a new career.

After first assisting to make Blackberry successful as a manager Heins replaced the double headed CEO monster which were the company co-founders Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis which was effectively tearing the company to bits.

Heins made sod all difference, although to be fair the mess was created long before he got there. So the question was if Heins would have better luck in his post-BlackBerry business endeavours. But it turns out he didn’t.

Now according to ReCode Heins is being ousted from his current position as the CEO of wireless charging company Powermat as part of a settlement with some members of its board of directors.

He had been sued by three Powermat board members for allegedly “operating without an approved budget and steering the business into insolvency.” The suit alleged that Heins and three other executives have created a “serious trust crisis” by running the company without an approved budget.

Heins and Powermat are denying all these accusations. But the settlement between Powermat and the board members mandates that Heins clean out his desk along with several other board members. Oh dear.