Blackberry mulls smartphone pull out

BlackberryTroubled smartphone maker BlackBerry is considering pulling out of the smartphone business which made it a household name.

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen revealed the Canadian company was looking to further reduce the phones they release a year, dropping it from about four phones a year to about one or two.

While this is done as a means to cut costs, the signs are the decline of BlackBerries might not stop there.

BlackBerry has hinted that it is willing to exit the smartphone market should its turnaround efforts fail. Already the company is shifting its strategy, moving beyond hardware and starting to concentrate in software and security.

Chen also notes that competing with Chinese and Indian OEMs for the lower-end market isn’t ideal.

He said the low-end phone is not BlackBerry’s “sweet spot” and that high-end gear aimed at the working professional would be more profitable.

Blackberry recently announced plans for an Android handset. This could be the company’s last-ditch try at creating hardware and oddly mirrors the approach taken by Nokia before it sold itself to Microsoft.