Blackberry has been turning over data to cops


arrestFor all its claims to be super secure, Blackberry has been enthusiastically helping cops intercept user data for years.

CBC  said that a specialised unit inside mobile firm BlackBerry has helped intercept user data — including BBM messages — to help in hundreds of police investigations in dozens of countries.

The smartphone maker’s Public Safety Operations team once numbered 15 people to handle warrants and police requests for taps on user information.

Insiders claim that BlackBerry intercepted messages to aid investigators probing the political scandals in Brazil that are causing problems for suspended President Dilma Rousseff. The company also helped authenticate BBM messages in Major League Baseball’s drug investigation that saw New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez suspended in 2014.

One person said that the company is swamped by requests that come directly from police in dozens of countries and it “helps law enforcement kick ass” at least in those countries were asses are a mode of transport we guess.

“Narco trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, crime against children, knowing you are stopping those things … how do you not love doing something like that?” said the insider.

Blackberry said that its guiding principle has been to do what is right within legal and ethical boundaries when called upon to provide aid in the apprehension of criminals, or preventing government abuse of invading citizen’s privacy.

“We have long been clear in our stance that tech companies, as good corporate citizens, should comply with reasonable lawful access requests.”