Blackberry boss will give product leakers a good kicking

People leaking details of Blackberry products will face the full wrath of BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

Writing in his bog, Chen moaned that stringent action would be taken against anyone leaking information about BlackBerry products.

Leaks were “at their best, distracting, and at their worst downright misleading to our stakeholders. The business implications of a leak are seldom advantageous,” he muttered, darkly.

BlackBerry is not a stranger to leaks. When the BlackBerry Z3 was sitting in its box for months ahead of the device’s official unveiling it was snapped and leaked onto the web.

Apparently it is really terrible if someone from the media rings up and asks you about a product before you are ready to discuss it, rehearsed your sound botes and practised that look which says you think it is a cure for cancer.

Recently there has been a series of leaks, which divulged information about BlackBerry’s upcoming BlackBerry 10.3 OS. BlackBerry has released the hounds and tracked down the leaker who is being sued.

In this case the leaker “falsely posed as an employee of one of BlackBerry’s carrier partners to obtain access to secured networks,” the man muttered. The leak revealed the codenames for future BlackBerry handsets as well as the existence of features like Intelligent Assistant, an intelligent voice-based assistant that is BlackBerry’s answer to Siri and Google Now.

Chen admitted that some leaks were driven by fan curiosity, but that “strong action” would be taken when “curiosity turns to criminality”.

Of course, BlackBerry’s crack down on leaks would result in fewer blog posts with photos and rumours which will wipe it from the hearts and minds of its customers. However, he promised, portentously,  that BlackBerry would be “communicating our biggest updates to you early and often – when they are ready to be shared”.

It is not the first time that a tech company has lost its rag against leakers. Microsoft  said  last week that it is pursuing legal action against a former employee who leaked Windows 8.1 source code to a bogger.

Sony is cracking down on leakers by rolling out stringent security measures in its offices. Apple of course has been running a paranoid security system which makes Eastern Germany, and the United States Israel look like rank amateurs.