Bill Gates Table Dances in Utah

Gossip magazines are all abuzz with the news that the world’s richest man has been seen table dancing Paris Hilton style at a party and even slipped a waitress a $500 tip.

Normally the Hollywood Gossip rags don’t get much material from a Microsoft sponsored do even if it is at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

But apparently according to the Post, Sir William Gates III was spotted “dancing, Paris (Hilton) style, on a banquette” until the wee small hours.  Unless they got the story wrong and he was playing a small Nintendo Wii on a table at a party.

Apparently everyone was snapping pictures of gyrating geek fists pumping until his security rushed him out the back door. The winner of the evening was no doubt the waitress who took home a $500 tip.

Gates has been everywhere over the last couple of weeks, tweeting and commenting on every world event that happens ranging from Italian politics to the years of Bush administration abuse. It is fair enough that a hard working geek such as himself lets himself go once in a while.

Dancing on tables is better than flinging them, which is the hobby of the Microsoft CEO. Either way his level 20 Dancing Queen can only follow the Apple co-founder Woz and score a slot on Come Dancing.