Bill Gates is a master of disguise

Gates disguised as someone from before WW1 when everyone was black and white (Gates is on the right)

Software king of the world, and sworn enemy of the mosquito Sir William Gates III is a master of disguise and moves among his subjects invisibly.

In response to a question during his annual Reddit ask me anything session, Microsoft magnet  Gates says that it doesn’t take too much for him to blend in with the crowd.

“I sometimes wear a hat. For example when I did college tours with my son I wanted the focus to be totally on him. A lot less people recognise me when I have a hat on or else they realise I am trying to be incognito.”

He did not reveal the secret hat he uses and we suspect he can be found under a baseball cap.

The hat disguise is not exactly foolproof. But that’s okay, writes Gates: “Mostly when people do recognise me they are super nice so I don’t feel it is a burden to be noticed most of the time.”

Gates isn’t the only tech celebrity with a penchant for using hats as a disguise. Steve Jobs used to think he could disguise himself from the great unwashed by wearing a top hat. Of course, a top hat is going to attract attention but people saw it and assumed he was just a mad man and looked the other way.