Big Content goes for UK pirate site shut down

Big Content is waving a list of 22 sites that it wants censored in the UK so that it does not have to change its 20th century business model.

The six main sites being gunned for are vkontakte,, Zing, Filestube, The Pirate Bay and the Brazilian Degraçaé But another 22 names are apparently on a list sent to the likes of ISP Virgin Media. Amongst these are Filestube, Extratorrent, Bitsnoop, Bomb-Mp3, Mp3skull, Bitsnoop, Extratorrent, Torrenthound, Torrentreactor and Monova.

In a statement, the RIAA said that it was highlighting some sites that were so central to the activities of a particular society that they almost single-handedly prevent the development of a legitimate online music marketplace.

Of course, if you talk to companies who want to sell music or films in the online marketplace they will tell you that their biggest problem is not the pirates, but Big Content which will not let them sell anything.

Ask Intel who is stopping its streaming online TV plans and it will not mention Pirate Bay, but will probably take you to one side and say “off the record” that it is the media mongols of California that are triggering the project.

BT has confirmed that it has been asked to block websites, but has said that it will only do so when a court tells it has no choice.

Virgin Media said that it was in the same boat and would only obey court orders addressed to the company.