Big Blue pulls “sexist” marketing campaign

280IBM has pulled one of its marketing campaigns after it was dogged by sexism claims.

Big Blue introduced the promotion a couple of months ago which was supposed to attract more women to science and technology by encouraging them to “hack a hair dryer”.

IBM’s campaign basically said: “Girls don’t like science? Women can’t code? Only men wear lab coats? It’s hair-raising misperceptions like these that keep bright minds out of research labs, scrum…”

What could possibly be wrong with that? It seems that someone got a little cross over the campaign on the worldwide wibble.

Now IBM has pulled the plug on its #HackAHairDryer initiative after a multitude of women complained that it fed off sexist stereotypes. Apparently women in technology are not interested in worrying their pretty little faces hacking hair-driers, they are more interested in doing more important things like building robots.

In other words the same minds that gave us these advertising campaigns are the same ones who think women are more interested in shopping and make-up than science – part of the problem not the solution.