Beware Ballmer's distortion field

A former Apple exec and founder of BeOS, the operating system few know about, has been slagging off the shy and retiring Steve “there is a kind of hush” Ballmer.

Jean-Louis Gassée claims that Microsoft shareholders should beware of Ballmer’s distortion field and its strong self inflicted effects..

Gassée who is clearly writing for the home crowd said that Vista was a godsend for Apple. He said at the time Ballmer did not acknowledge that there were problems. Neither did he admit that there was anything wrong about the “Xbox 360 reliability nightmare”.

He said that Ballmer’s apologies were “left to underlings.”

“Steve Ballmer has always been Microsoft’s most powerful salesman. That he lost the HP mobile devices account — and it was Ballmer who lost it, not Robbie Bach — is yet one more reason why Microsoft shareholders are troubled. Their unhappiness can be charted by comparing two stock price graphs, spanning the January 2000 – May 2010 period. Microsoft’s stock dropped from $56 to $25.80 while Apple shares rose from $25 to $256.8,” he said.

We are not sure we agree. While it is easy to knock Ballmer, you could equally say that reality distortion fields seem to have swamped most IT companies. Apple is famous for its reality distortion field. In fact it has only managed to do so well because it has managed to convince others to share it.

Last week for example it convinced the mainstream media that it was “bigger than Microsoft” because its share price was over inflated and Microsoft’s was low.

And while we are talking about reality distortion fields, how is that BeOS operating system coming along Jean-Louis?