Beer soaked Groupon CEO tells staff to grow up

Beery Groupon’s CEO gave his staff a long lecture on how they needed to grow up while under the influence of a little too much amber necter.

Although Andrew Mason was not breathalysed before or after his web performance, he did apologise for the fact that his voice broke because he drank too much beer. He did have a full bottle in front of him, which was better than a full frontal lobotomy, but really he should have thought about how it stuffed up his message.

He lectured employees about the need for the company to grow and shake off its difficult adolescence.

We guess he didn’t mean the sort of difficult adolescence you have when you try and get your older mate – who has more stubble – to buy a six pack of extra strength Bastard Lager so you can get addled behind the back of the school bike sheds.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which watched the meeting via webcast, Mason supped his ale while laying out the company’s priorities for the next six months.

He moaned that Groupon was still a toddler in a grown man’s body, although there can’t be many who would give beer to a toddler.

At one point, his voice broke, leading Mason to say, “Sorry, too much beer”.

Groupon went public only six months ago and has been struggling to regain investor confidence.