BBC's taxi fan heads off to Intel

The brains behind the BBC’s iPlayer Erik Huggers, is packing his bags and heading off to Intel at the end of next month.

Huggers was the BBC’s director of future, media and technology. While he was the key bloke who came up with the Aunty’s shift online, the iPlayer, W1, BBC North and Fabric and chairing the YouView consortium he will probably be best remembered for his expenses claims.

Huggers ran up a taxi bill of £638.73 in June 2009, a day after he had spent £538.45 on another taxi both charged to the corporation. In the final quarter of 2010 he managed to reduce his expenses bill and only charged £4,380.53 in the final quarter of 2010, compared with £5,010.52 in the previous three months.

As a hack who once managed to live, thanks to creative expenses, we can only tip our hat in awe at the master.

According to the Guardian, Huggers is off to Intel as the corporate vice-president and general manager of its digital home group, and will be based at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters in California

His old job appears to between Ralph Rivera, will cover the BBC’s public-facing digital products such as the iPlayer and the technology division, headed up by John Linwood.

Expenses aside, the Beeb got good value for money from Huggers. The iPlayer was a huge success and a pretty good lump of technology. Huggers brought in Anthony Rose, as the BBC’s controller of vision and online media in 2007, who became a key lieutenant in revamping the iPlayer Aunty’s catch-up service reported a 27 per cent year-on-year lift in programme requests for December, to 145m.

Huggers was the driving force behind Project Canvas which will bring video-on-demand content to Freeview and Freesat.