Battle of the sexes overpowers press conference

Software giant Microsoft is proving that the sexual revolution is just something that happened to other people and if you are female at the Vole, you will be up for some sexually charged ribbing from your male employees.

According to Raw Story, Vole’s E3 press conference gave Microsoft the sort of story it did not really want to see. A male video game producer thought the press would be amused if they saw him defeating a female employee during a demonstration of a rehash of classic arcade fighting game, Killer Instinct.

Just to make sure that he showed the superiority of testicles over the ovaries, the manager was matched with a less-experienced Xbox live community manager.

The woman pointed out that it was entirely unfair from the start.“Whoever thought it was a good idea that I play against a producer is going to get it,” she said.

For this comment she was apparently bullied by the male manager who told her that you had  to practice before she got on stage before millions of people. It was all in the name of fun, of course. But, as any employment tribunal would point out, it was the sort of patronising attitude to women and workplace bullying which became less fashionable after the 1960s and is legally outlawed.

Nevertheless this was a press conference, so who is going to know?

Just when the incident could not get much more cringeworthy, it took the sort of turn which would make Freud drop his cigar in surprise. 

“I can’t even block… You’re too fast!”

“Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon”.

“You have a fight stick!” 

“Wow, you like this.” 

“No, I don’t like this!”

Needless to say the dialogue was being tweeted by the assorted hacks faster than you could say “sexual discrimination lawsuit”.

Video game designer Jonathan Blow pointed out that the banter was “awkward.”“‘Let’s bring a woman on stage and joke about how she’s bad at games, and say stuff like ‘relax, just let it happen, it’ll be over soon’??” Blow tweeted .

Blow said that the “Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon” sounded like a rape joke to him, something he was sure was not planned when they penned the event in the press office.

Raw Story does not name and shame the executive, nor is there a comment from Microsoft.