Barking councillors opt for Chromebook

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham is to roll out Google Chromebooks to replace its aging Window XP desktops.

The council will save over £200,000 by not deploying new Windows desktops, and thinks that it will save another £200,000 worth of lecky as a result of Google Chromebooks being more energy efficient than desktop PCs.

The council bought Samsung 303Cs as its Chromebook of choice because of its “impressive battery life and portability”.

The migration project, which was started in mid-2013, was designed to provide an upgraded platform before the Windows XP expiry date.

The council had 3,500 desktop computers and 800 laptops for its 3,500 employees. The project means that it will switch the vast majority of these with 2,000 Chromebooks for employees and 500 Chromeboxes for reception desks and shared work areas.

The council thought about replacing its existing hardware with Windows 7 desktops and laptops but the Chromebook option was the cheapest. The fact Vole wanted an arm and a leg for licensing did not help.

The council will still use 600 and 1,000 desktops with the Windows 7 operating system installed because some apps can’t be delivered through its Citrix environment.