Bangladesh security expert kidnapped

Tanvir-Hassan-Zoha-Bangladesh-1-660x330A security researcher has been kidnapped after accusing Bangladesh’s central bank officials of negligence, which facilitated the theft of over $81 million from the country’s oversea accounts.

Tanvir Hassan Zoha, 34, had been investigating how on February 5, 2016, hackers accessed the accounts of Bangladesh’s central bank at the US Federal Reserve Bank in New York and tried to steal $1 billion dollars. Their attempt to transfer the money was thwarted by a simple typo, but not before managing to take $81 million.

Security researchers, including Zoha, blamed malware and a faulty printer but at the same time said that the Bangladesh central bank officials were also to blame because of weak security procedures. The bank’s governor and two deputy governors had to quit their jobs.

Then Zoha met with a friend at 11:30 PM on Wednesday night, March 16. While coming home, a jeep pulled in front of their auto-rickshaw, and the men were put into two different cars.

Zoha’s friend was dumped somewhere in Dhaka but he never made it home. When his family tried to report the kidnapping they were ignored by the local coppers and went straight to the media.