Ballmer transformed by visit from “Christmas Past”

The shy and retiring Microsoft CEO Steve “Sounds of Science” Ballmer appears to have had a visit or two from the ghost of Christmas Past.


Steve, one of the world’s richest men has stopped banging on about making huge wodges of money and has started going on about helping the poor.


Last seen shoving his camel through the eye of a needle, Steve was complaining that the only people who are doing well in the nascent recovery have been well-off. He said that for the world to get better, things need to get better for the great unwashed.


Speaking to Fortune magazine, Ballmer said that the affluent part of American society has bounced back well, but the less affluent side hasn’t. “We’re riding a product cycle here, and a number of the other companies in our industry are riding product cycles, you see a lift,” he said.


However Steve does not think we should ignore the fact that unemployment is still high, and there has been less bounce-back amongst less affluent people, and obviously all the way to unemployed people.


Steve said that on the business side, we have started to see what he calls signs of life.


“The business market is going to reflect some combination of the consumer market and exports. Europe, we know there is a set of problems. I don’t think that’s going to be good for exports,” Ballmer said.


Ballmer’s real concern is what happens on the consumer side in the US, and how that gets business customers to think about their spending.