Ballmer stutters on questions at LSE, confirms Christmas slates, never heard of Stuxnet

Some excellent Tweets coming in from technology journalist Tim Anderson at Ballmer’s talk today at the London School of Economics – Mick Jagger went there for a while, by the way. We can’t report directly because we accidentally double booked and we’re at the ExactTarget conference at the Grosvenor (but more on that later).

Tim Anderson’s page, here, says that Ballmer probably doesn’t know exactly what Stuxnet is, given his response to a question, which confirms to us Vole Knows Security. 

He’s also been going on about Tweets, clearly PO’d at China’s lack of interest in cracking down on bootleg office products. “Enforcement of the law needs to be stepped up,” he probably shouted. 

Apparently Ballmer said he’s better off with the patent system we’ve got today than no patent system at all – dead on from Microsoft’s POV, except when it loses, of course. We think it is still contesting the XML debacle.

Ballmer is shouting his support for patent reform, Anderson reports. And Microsoft has paid out more than it has taken in.

Steve “Chair Chucking” Ballmer also has confirmed that there will be slates to buy by Christmas. Ctrl+alt+delete button unconfirmed. Anderson says Ballmer isn’t really answering questions, but there’s no news there.

“Someone ought to list all the questions Ballmer hasn’t answered,” he Tweets.

Then again, we’re not there. We’re reporting from a Twitter account. That’s Journalism!

Meanwhile here is the excellent live blogging by Charles Arthur, of The Grauniad