Ballmer heading for a stabbing under the statue of Pompey

Microsoft is starting to get Shakespearian as the hedge-fund manager who called for Steve Ballmer’s head three months ago just increased his stake in Microsoft.

Word is that there will be a knifing.

Einhorn is cross that Ballmer doth bestride the narrow world, like a Colossus, and petty men walk under his huge legs and peep about to find ourselves dishonourable graves. Upon what meat doth this our Ballmer feed, that he is grown so great? He has been heard to mutter.

Ballmer himself is said not to be too concerned other than the fact that he thinks that Einhorn is a little too thin,. “Would he were fatter! But I fear him not, yet if my name were liable to fear, I do not know the man I should avoid so soon as that spare Einhorn. He reads much, he is a great observer and he looks quite through the deeds of men touch him not.”

However Einhorn claims that the evil that Ballmer will do will live after him and that Ballmer was ambitious.

Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital reported holding 14.8 million shares of Microsoft as of June 30, according to the latest regulatory filing. That’s up from 9.1 million shares Greenlight held at the end of the previous reporting period during the ides of March.

In May, Einhorn suggested that Ballmer step aside as chief executive of Microsoft for allowing competitors to jump ahead of the software giant in search, mobile-communications software, tablet computing, and social networking.

He said that he was as constant as the northern star, of whose true-fix’d and resting quality there is no fellow in the firmament.

While Einhorn remained positive about the company’s potential, he complained that Ballmer was “stuck in the past,” refusing to promote company products that compete with Windows.

It is starting to look like this is going to get messy again under the statue of Pompey.