Avnet goes on Taiwanese spending spree

Major component distributor Avnet said that it had bought two smaller distributors in Old Taipei.

It has bought Prospect Technology, an outfit which it says provides circuit design support and technical support in Taiwan.  With 70 people, Prospect had revenues in 2010 of around US$157 million. It services both mainland China and the tiny isle of Taiwan. Avnet sad it has specific expertise in battery and power management.

And today Avnet also said it has taken over JC Tally Trading, along with its subsidiary Shanghai FR International Trading.  It had revenues of around $90 million in 2010 and has 140 employees.

The company specialises in interconnect, passive and electromechanical components. The lines it carries include stuff from NCC, Kemet, Panasonic Coiltronics and Bussman.